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DareDorm girls at the football game afterparty

January 4th, 2010 DareDorm No comments

Happy New Year! Welcome back to My DareDorm where we provide you with hot amateur porn videos from college students around the USA.

In this episode we get to see DareDorm girls take part in a football game after-party somewhere in California. Are you wondering where exactly? We would love to tell you which college it is but we might get sued… sorry!

For all you people familiar with California here is a location hint:
daredorm football
Do you recognize this major intersection in California??

Anyway in this latest Dare Dorm video we get treated to 4 hot college girls taking on 2 young studs. These drunk classmates had a good time at the football game and went back to their dorm rooms to continue the party…

daredorm fun club
Are you ready for some daredorm shooters? You can’t use your hands and if you spill any you have to lick it off those tits!

Needless to say, the football afterparty turned into a full fledged college fuckfest. While you watch this daredorm movie you will be wishing you were back in college humping young college coeds just like you did as a student.

daredorm girls
DareDorm girls are hot, horny and ready to have some hot amateur sex!

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DareDorm girls are all natural American beauties

December 15th, 2009 DareDorm No comments

Welcome back to the DareDorm blog! I just wanted to make a post about the all-American daredorm girls that you will find in the DareDorm videos.

I’ve watched all the Dare Dorm videos so far and I am still amazed how these innocent young college women fuck on camera like this. I watch alot of porn and I have never seen any of these girls on any other pornsite so I am convinced they are true amateurs!

daredorm girls
This is one hot fucking blonde college girl. My cock got hard the instant I saw her. You can see her pretty mouth stuffed with cock in the My Turn daredorm video. fucking awesome. no pun intended!

While watching these DareDorm videos with my cock in my hand I find myself feeling like Kevin Spacey in the 1999 movie “American Beauty”…
daredorm american girls
Remember in the “American Beauty” movie how Kevin Spacey was so turned on whenever he saw his daughter’s young hot friend? That’s how I feel when I watch Daredorm movies… except I get to see the young women get fucked!
daredorm girls
See REAL amateur girls partying in their college dorm room. You can have your fake-tittied plastic pornstars — I prefer seeing real amateur girls getting fucked – any day of the week!

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The funny thing is when I watch the DareDorm college parties I can tell many of these girls have never been fucked properly. I mean the young guys try their best but they dont do it justice. Man, the things I’d do to these naive college girls — I’d be all up in their tight virgin assholes, sucking and fingerbanging those tight wet pussies and ramming my cock deep down their throats. I’d get in a few cockslaps right across their pretty faces too… its always fun to slap a young girl with your rock hard cock during a blowjob. And when I was ready to blow my load I’d have them all kneel around me and make sure to get my cum all over as many of them as possible!

daredorm girls
These girls are REAL America Beauties! I would love to have been in that dorm room with my rock hard cock hanging out. These DareDorm girls bodies will never be as tight and virginal as they are right now – their cherries are ready to be popped!

Now is a good time to get your DareDorm password and start watching all the dormroom porn. I am expecting a new daredorm video to be uploded to any day now — I’l make another blog post when the new daredorm movie is available!

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