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DareDorm Pajama Party!

May 12th, 2010 DareDorm No comments

Ok guys and gals, you have to check out this wicked DareDorm pajama / lingerie party that went down recently at your friendly neighborhood college dorm… We arent disclosing the exact college location as there was trouble in the past with students who found out their drunk classmates were in a porno which is why we are puttiing the college location as “UnKnown”

Anyway, in this week’s daredorm movie all our fantasies come true 4 smokin’ college chicks party it up on camera and end up fucking one lucky young college stud. These girls are skinny but I dont mind… they are barely 18 and thier bodies have 0% body fat… my cock wouldnt complain as I pound their skinny little pussies into submission!
daredorm pajama party
Ice Ice Ladies! These pretty college girls decided to organize a pajama party — it was more of a lingerie party that turned into a college fuckfest! Check out the Ice Ice Ladies free trailer.

Man I miss my college days, i had my share of sexual romps but I wish I was smart enough to get them on video and take lots of pictures to capture the memories…
daredorm lingerie party
Doggystyle for the win! Man, I would hammer that hot blonde coed then I’d take flip over that sexy brunette and bury the bone DEEEEP and re-aarange her insides! Fuck these daredorm videos get me all hot and bothered for some college pussy.

daredorm ice ice ladies
Every guy’s dream… to get a double blowjob from two hot college girls at the same time! With all the hormones raging in college campuses you know that this shit happens in college dorms across the U.S.A. and now you get to watch when you get your DareDorm password HERE!


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