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Crazy Times at Dare Dorm Texas

October 26th, 2010 DareDorm No comments

Dare Dorm is back again with another hot college dorm video from the Lone Star state… this Dare Dorm Texas video is superhot!!

Beautiful blonde college girls start in this dorm video where the students play foosball and have a few drinks…

daredorm texas
These two hot Texan girls are ready to party and get laid on camera! Watch their Dare Dorm Texas video trailer titled “Crazy Times

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dare dorm texas
Two beautiful texan blondes share a cock in a college dorm room — fuck yeah!! this is what Dare Dorm is all about!

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daredorm texas
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DareDorm Pajama Party!

May 12th, 2010 DareDorm No comments

Ok guys and gals, you have to check out this wicked DareDorm pajama / lingerie party that went down recently at your friendly neighborhood college dorm… We arent disclosing the exact college location as there was trouble in the past with students who found out their drunk classmates were in a porno which is why we are puttiing the college location as “UnKnown”

Anyway, in this week’s daredorm movie all our fantasies come true 4 smokin’ college chicks party it up on camera and end up fucking one lucky young college stud. These girls are skinny but I dont mind… they are barely 18 and thier bodies have 0% body fat… my cock wouldnt complain as I pound their skinny little pussies into submission!
daredorm pajama party
Ice Ice Ladies! These pretty college girls decided to organize a pajama party — it was more of a lingerie party that turned into a college fuckfest! Check out the Ice Ice Ladies free trailer.

Man I miss my college days, i had my share of sexual romps but I wish I was smart enough to get them on video and take lots of pictures to capture the memories…
daredorm lingerie party
Doggystyle for the win! Man, I would hammer that hot blonde coed then I’d take flip over that sexy brunette and bury the bone DEEEEP and re-aarange her insides! Fuck these daredorm videos get me all hot and bothered for some college pussy.

daredorm ice ice ladies
Every guy’s dream… to get a double blowjob from two hot college girls at the same time! With all the hormones raging in college campuses you know that this shit happens in college dorms across the U.S.A. and now you get to watch when you get your DareDorm password HERE!


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Xrated Daredorm video from Cincinnati Ohio!

March 1st, 2010 DareDorm No comments

DareDorm is back again with another hot XXX episode of white girls in college getting humped in a dormroom.

This week we visit Cincinnati Ohio, where there is not much for college students to do other than study – and fuck each other’s brains out. The dare dorm video starts off pretty tame but gets xrated in a hurry once the girls start drinking and get horny for some young college cock.

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daredorm crossing lips

Another group of college students who get down and dirty on video! This daredorm movie is hot and uncensored. See all the other DareDrom colleges HERE. See more college students getting it on at

What a cute blonde college girl – she is another daredorm all-american beauty – I loved watching her eat out her college classmate.

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See college girls taking naughty cellphone pics and self-shot mirror pictures in their dormrooms across the USA.
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It seems that in every daredorm movie there is a university girl that I fall in love with. Well this Cincinatti daredorm is no different as there is a cute fucking brunette that gave me an erection the minute I saw her. If you are really good with facebook you can search and find the hot brunette’s facebook account. Here’s a hint – look at the username of the person that submitted this video. Anyway she is smoking hot and I have already jerked off to her twice — and this dare dorm video is only a couple days old! Below is a picture of her:

daredorm crossing lips
The brunette in this dare dorm movie was so hot. I’d hump her brains out if I ever got the chance. Get your DareDorm password now to see more of this brunette now!

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You’re invited to a DareDorm foam party in North Carolina

January 31st, 2010 DareDorm No comments

North Carolina is the home of the Tarheels but this week’s Dare Dorm movie titled “Full of It” has nothing to do with college basketball and everything to do with a college foam party in a dorm room!

daredorm north carolina

This college foam party in North Carolina is caught on tape and you get to watch! Music, booze, horny college students and lots of foam… a recipe for some slippery sex! north carolina
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DareDorm girls at the football game afterparty

January 4th, 2010 DareDorm No comments

Happy New Year! Welcome back to My DareDorm where we provide you with hot amateur porn videos from college students around the USA.

In this episode we get to see DareDorm girls take part in a football game after-party somewhere in California. Are you wondering where exactly? We would love to tell you which college it is but we might get sued… sorry!

For all you people familiar with California here is a location hint:
daredorm football
Do you recognize this major intersection in California??

Anyway in this latest Dare Dorm video we get treated to 4 hot college girls taking on 2 young studs. These drunk classmates had a good time at the football game and went back to their dorm rooms to continue the party…

daredorm fun club
Are you ready for some daredorm shooters? You can’t use your hands and if you spill any you have to lick it off those tits!

Needless to say, the football afterparty turned into a full fledged college fuckfest. While you watch this daredorm movie you will be wishing you were back in college humping young college coeds just like you did as a student.

daredorm girls
DareDorm girls are hot, horny and ready to have some hot amateur sex!

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DareDorm girls are all natural American beauties

December 15th, 2009 DareDorm No comments

Welcome back to the DareDorm blog! I just wanted to make a post about the all-American daredorm girls that you will find in the DareDorm videos.

I’ve watched all the Dare Dorm videos so far and I am still amazed how these innocent young college women fuck on camera like this. I watch alot of porn and I have never seen any of these girls on any other pornsite so I am convinced they are true amateurs!

daredorm girls
This is one hot fucking blonde college girl. My cock got hard the instant I saw her. You can see her pretty mouth stuffed with cock in the My Turn daredorm video. fucking awesome. no pun intended!

While watching these DareDorm videos with my cock in my hand I find myself feeling like Kevin Spacey in the 1999 movie “American Beauty”…
daredorm american girls
Remember in the “American Beauty” movie how Kevin Spacey was so turned on whenever he saw his daughter’s young hot friend? That’s how I feel when I watch Daredorm movies… except I get to see the young women get fucked!
daredorm girls
See REAL amateur girls partying in their college dorm room. You can have your fake-tittied plastic pornstars — I prefer seeing real amateur girls getting fucked – any day of the week!

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The funny thing is when I watch the DareDorm college parties I can tell many of these girls have never been fucked properly. I mean the young guys try their best but they dont do it justice. Man, the things I’d do to these naive college girls — I’d be all up in their tight virgin assholes, sucking and fingerbanging those tight wet pussies and ramming my cock deep down their throats. I’d get in a few cockslaps right across their pretty faces too… its always fun to slap a young girl with your rock hard cock during a blowjob. And when I was ready to blow my load I’d have them all kneel around me and make sure to get my cum all over as many of them as possible!

daredorm girls
These girls are REAL America Beauties! I would love to have been in that dorm room with my rock hard cock hanging out. These DareDorm girls bodies will never be as tight and virginal as they are right now – their cherries are ready to be popped!

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Check out this DareDorm in San Diego, California

December 9th, 2009 DareDorm 1 comment

You have to watch this Daredorm movie from San Diego – its got a everything: hot amateur college girls, wild drunken party, and hot amateur sex caught on camera!

In this DareDorm video the college coeds break out the glowsticks, bodypaint, dance music and booze! Its another hot night in San Diego California but these 3 college girls are making it hotter! The night starts off with some innocent pictures of everyone posing for the camera… its not long before the the make-out sessions begin… I love to see hot girls kissing!

My DareDorm is all about real college students having a good time and making some extra cash. These 3 collegegirls sent in their college party video and got paid $$$ when it appeared on the DareDorm website

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Watch as these college girls gone wild slide glowsticks inside their tiny and tight little pussies!

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Sucking cock back-to-back with her best friend – these are the DareDorm college memories that will last a lifetime!

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Are you ready for another DormDare?

December 5th, 2009 DareDorm No comments

DareDorm is back again for another great video of horny college students getting it on in dorm rooms from across the USA.

This week DareDrom heads north to state of Pennsylvania where the Northern girls with the way they kiss
they keep their boyfriends warm at night ;-)

daredorm pennsylvania
DareDorm in Pennsylvania! Meet Brittney and her cute girlfriends as they party on a Friday night at Penn.

College classmates from Pennsylvania love a good DormDare. Whats a DormDare? Its where college guys dare the female students to get naked in front of the camera with them and do some naughty things. After a few drinks alot of college girls will take the dare.

In this weeks daredorm video an exchange student from Russia gets thrown into the mix. This well-hung senior dude pounds the living daylights out of some freshman American pussy or should I say he tastes some “American Pie”. A Must See: This college dude bangs one of the girls doggystyle then pulls out and blows his load right across the length of her back… he just about hits the back of her head with his explosive cumshot, its a must see!

Getting laid in a dorm room is an American tradition. Check out all the other college dorm rooms we have in our growing collection of DormDares.

Did you know? DareDorm pays college students to send in their party videos. If their video is selected to be put on the Dare Dorm site then they get paid good $$$ – up to $10,000! These are real college students that you’ve never seen on the internet before. And you probably will never seem them again. Have a video camera and some horny college roommates? Read how you can make some cash with DareDrom

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Louisiana DareDorms heat up during football season

November 23rd, 2009 DareDorm No comments

Time for another amateur DareDorm video, this time from the land of crawfish, Mardi Gras, and LSU football… Louisiana!

Louisiana college students drink & party just as hard as any other students in the nation… and they arent shy when a video camera is rolling either.

daredorm louisiana

Football in the afternoon and hot nights in Louisiana! DareDorm loves to bring you real college students being xxx naughty on camera. See more Dare Dorm videos here.

In this daredrom video we get to watch 2 sexy Louisiana vixens treat a guy friend to the time of his young life! He may not have made the football team but he made this DareDorm video, what a lucky little fuck!

Those two young American women are so cute with their tan, petite bodies and perky little tits — I bet they hope their parents never see this video – but you can bet everyone in their college has, lol. Choose your DareDorm password HERE and watch these young southern belles get fucked on camera for the first time, priceless!

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DareDorm submitted video from San Diego, California

November 9th, 2009 DareDorm No comments

If you live in the San Diego area you are going to want to check out this week’s Dare Dorm submitted video — straight from the land of the Padres… see these drunk California college students get down and dirty on camera. These students made some easy cash by sending in their sex party video and all they needed was a video camera, a dorm room and their raging hormones! If you are a horny college student read how you can make some quick cash with DareDrom just by getting laid.

daredorm san diego
San Deigo college students know how to have a good time- get your password to DareDorm and join the party!

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